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The First World War in Computer Games

The First World War in Computer Games analyses the depiction of combat, the landscape of the trenches, and concepts of how the war ended through computer games. This book explores how computer games are at the forefront of new representations of the First World War.

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Reviews for The First World War in Computer Games:

“The First World War in Computer Games is an important contribution to a relatively new field of study in the cultural memory of the conflict. … Its interdisciplinary nature means it is useful for those from varying disciplinary backgrounds and is definitely worth consulting. Overall, the book begins an interesting discussion on contemporary representations of the war and shows the need for further research on the topic, especially in the realm of reception studies.” (Amanda Phipps, Cultural History, Vol. 5 (1), 2016)

“This 118-page book is about various genre games focused on one of the more difficult areas of historical study, the First World War. It is the most comprehensive examination of the topic available in just one volume today … This book is written in an accessible style, equally suitable for undergraduate to postgraduate level. I can see computer gamers interested in the First World War finding the text of interest. I enjoyed reading the work, and it has inspired me to consider how other periods of history have also been represented. This book has examined the contribution of computer games thoroughly and so contributes to the wider literature about the war.” (John Curry, Bath Spa University, Bath, UK)

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