Tuition and Coaching

I have spent years teaching at different universities and higher education institutions, such as Sussex, Kent, Goldsmiths, and the Bader International Study Centre.

If you’re preparing to start university soon, are already doing undergraduate studies, or are perhaps a PhD research student, I can provide help in the following ways:

Preparing to start university?

  • Want to know how seminars and lectures will work?
  • Would you like guidance on key readings before term starts?
  • Want to know how to read and analyse sources in line with degree study?

Taking Undergraduate History?

  • Want advice on structuring your essays?
  • Would you like guidance on exam preparations and style?
  • Looking for some extra sources or readings?
  • Worried about presentations?
  • Planning on undertaking archival study for the first time but not sure where to start?

A PhD or Research Student?

  • At the start of the PhD and feeling a bit overwhelmed?
  • Are you planning on using archives in Britain, France, or America and want some guidance?
  • Looking to talk through your ideas before writing or having a supervision?
  • Appreciate some guidance from someone in the field?
  • Preparing for your viva and want some advice?

Interested in ‘Geeky History’?

  • Want to know more about tying your geeky passions into historical research?
  • Working in Media Studies or Games Studies and want to add in some historical background?
  • Interested in computer games, Star Wars, and history?

I’m a firm believer in tailoring my teaching to the needs of my students whilst also ensuring that sessions are fun and accessible. This approach has often resulted in my students’ grades increasing markedly.

If any of the above sounds like it may be useful for you then please contact me for an initial consultation on how I can assist you.

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